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Our Mission
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We are a team based out of Mt. Sterling, Kentucky.  We conduct paranormal investigations in the vicinity, however, we will travel outside of the area when necessary.  All of our members are compassionate and care out the concerns of our clients.  We have access to a large base of paranormal groups that will assist us as required in the event that our clients need something special.  We do not charge for our services, and wish only to gain knowledge.  We have gained a lot from our experiences along the way, but as in life, we are always learning and discovering new methods of understanding.  Our main concern is to ensure that we do not worsen our clients' situation.  We do not want to sensationalize your situation or call attention to a non-paranormal event.  We always try to disprove any and all evidence before presenting anything to our clients and/or others in the field.  Everything we do is based on scientific point of views and we believe in the saying, "when in doubt, throw it out!"  We believe false evidence is as bad as fake evidence.  Our main concern is to help those in need!

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