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STEP 1:  Usually, we are contacted by someone either by phone or most often, e-mail.  In most cases, this e-mail is a collection of events that have happened to a person or family within a dwelling, business, or public place.  There are some details that we look for in the e-mail that support possible paranormal involvement.  Once we have the contact e-mail, the Case Manager (Jennifer or Jason) will respond with some questions of their own.
STEP 2:  One of our Case Managers' will phone the client and question the client about the occurrences mentioned in their e-mail.  Some of these questions will further clarify your information as well as, give us a better idea of how we should proceed.  This information exchanged between you and the ~R•O•P•E~™ representative will be used to better prepare us for the actual investigation.  Based on this information exchanged, we move to STEP 3.
STEP 3:  A team of people will arrive at your place of residence or business.  This team will collect as much data as we possibly can with our equipment.  One of our team members will interview you, and may tape the interview for future reference.  Others affected by the paranormal events may also be interviewed.  This preliminary investigation is used to determine intensity levels, activity levels, etc.  It can last a half hour to a couple of hours and takes part before the initial investigation.
STEP 4:  After our investigation, all data will be discussed and we will examine the materials.  During this time, one of our team members may contact you to further clarify any information needed.  When all data has been processed, then one of us will call you to discuss what we need to do next.
STEP 5:  Most activities seem to occur during the evening and mostly overnight, between the hours of 9:30 pm to 4:00 am.  We need to be there to see if we are able to witness or document this activity.  Essentially, we need to be there during the entire night.  However, if the activity is being reported during a different time frame, we would want to be there during that particular period.  Having a bunch of people you do not know in your house when you are asleep or not home isn't the most appetizing thought and we can certainly appreciate it.  We try to do this as delicately as we can.  We arrive late in the evening and we set up in the basement or room of activity and try to be as quiet as it is humanly possible while investigating.  We encourage the family to be involved in the investigation if they like.  Some hauntings do attach themselves to certain family members and not necessarily the dwelling itself.  We will have a variety of equipment in place.  Prior to this, we will discuss the procedure in which you would like us to exit the property after the investigation wraps up; locking doors, windows, etc.  After spending several hours of monitoring the property, the team leaves and locks up your home or business.  We leave early so you have your early morning privacy.
STEP 6:  Once we collect all the data, we will try to determine if you indeed have something that points to paranormal activity.  At some point during the next few days, we will call and see how the night went for you and if you had any further questions.  During this conversation, we will inform you of our findings and the results of our investigation.  If any evidence is found, we encourage to schedule a meeting so we can review our findings with you.

NOTE:  An Investigation Release Form must be signed before any investigation takes place.  All case files will be kept on file with our File Manager (Jennifer Robertson).  Client confidentiality is our priority.

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