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Today, you can buy ghost cameras with ghosts already on the film.  All you have to do is shoot a picture and take it to get developed.  The exposed photo will develop and a ghost will appear as the developing process finishes up.  With a very slow shutter speed, a lot of different effects can be made.

Other Ways To Fake Ghost Photos:
Hair in front of the camera lens and flash.
Dust or debris in the air makes great orbs.
Bugs flying through a shot.
Taking a roll of 35 mm film of an actor in white make-up in a completely black room, then hand roll the film back and re-shoot pictures anywhere. Only the portion of the "ghost" will expose, leaving everthing else to expose later.

Smoke from a cigarette or breath condensation.

Plus, a bunch of other photo shop ways.

This is why you have to always try to disprove all of your own evidence first before posting it as real.

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