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Mt. Sterling Advocate
Article from 12/23/2009
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The "Secure & Steady Divining Rods" Device mounted on The "ROPE Stand" and tripod
On January 15, 2010, Researchers of Paranormal Experiences received a package in the mail...the "ROPE Stand".

The "ROPE Stand" was created and designed by Mitch Silverstein of Nyack Paranormal Investigations, Nyack, NY.

The "ROPE Stand" was built to be used in conjunction with Mitch's patent pending "Secure & Steady Divining Rods" Device, which is still being tested in the field.  It is a base that will let the rig stand on a table without toppling forward while the dowsing rods are in place.

Mitch named the "ROPE Stand" after our group, Researchers of Paranormal Experiences (~R•O•P•E~™), due to the mutual idea of the base for the dowsing rod device.

We would like to take the time to thank Mitch for this opportunity and for his conceptions that he brings to the paranormal community as a whole.  Thank you, Mitch!

Researchers of Paranormal Experiences

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