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The following is a summary of what we expect and require from our team members:

The qualities that we require in a member are simple.

You must be at least 18 years of age and have a clean background.  A $20 non-refundable fee is required for ~R•O•P•E~™ to run a background check.

We ask that a member take every investigation serious.  We don't want anyone getting hurt. Safety is always a concern.  No horseplaying during an investigation!  We do cut up and joke around before and after, but when on a case, it is what it is, it's a case.

Dedication is required.  We understand that a member may not be able to attend every investigation, but we ask that a notice is given.

If a new member doesn't have any investigative experience, he/she must be willing to put in an effort to learn the trade!!!  If a new member does have investigative experience, he/she would be encouraged to share any knowledge that they may have learned along the way.

We DO NOT accept any form of payment from clients!!!  Our services are FREE of charge.

We do not require a membership fee (other than the $20 non-refundable fee for the background check), but if an event is planned and you plan to participate, we expect you to help with expenses.

Rules During An Investigation

• Respect all clients and team members

• Respect all clients and team members property

• No alcohol beverages may be consumed before or during an investigation

• Drug substances will not be tolerated

• No smoking during an investigation (This is a precaution so we do not mistake smoke as paranormal phenomena as evidence in photographs or video)

• Members with long hair must pull their hair back (This is a precaution so we do not mistake hair strands as paranormal phenomena as evidence in photographs or video)

• Cell phones must be turned OFF during an investigation

• Know your surroundings
***REMEMBER:  Safety is always a concern***

Members Investigative Equipment

• Members do not mind to lend out their equipment during investigations, but please use them with caution.

• If you purchase your equipment, it's yours.

• If the team partners up and purchases equipment and you are involved and you decide to leave to group, your expenses will be lost.

• Your equipment will be your responsibility, unless it is lent out, then it is the responsibility of the member who possesses it.

• The "group" equipment is EVERYONE'S responsibility.

After reading the above requirements and rules, if you still would like to apply for membership, please e-mail us for an application.

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