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Signs of a Haunting

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A general uneasy feeling, like you are not alone or you are being watched are common in most reports of a possible haunting.

Noises that you can't explain:  Knocking or rapping, sounds of movement similar to shuffling of feet, or the sound of fabric as if someone just turned and walked out or into a room, footsteps, voices, whispering, subtle or loud banging, the sound of a door opening or closing.

Items missing or an article of furniture moved:  Personal or commonly used items such as a hair brush, tooth brush, or car keys disappearing only to be returned at a later time.  What typically happens is the item is found days later in exactly the place it was left or will turn up in an obvious place that could not have been overlooked in even the most casual search.

Electrical or appliance issues:  Lights or appliances turning on and off by themselves.  Most reports of this type are reported to have occurred when the person experiencing the phenomena is not present.  Usually when they return home or wake up in the morning, they know the appliances or lights were not left in the way they were discovered.

Unexplained movement, such as a light or shadow, sometimes you may even believe you saw or heard someone walk by and you know nobody is there.  The most common report is that of shadows or flashes.

Unexplained temperature changes:  These are known as "cold spots" or "warm spots", usually a drop or rise of 10 to 20 degrees in a localized area indicate something either did or attempted to manifest itself, meaning a spirit or entity may have attempted to make itself known.  Spirits and entities will draw energy from their surroundings to manifest, creating a cold or warm spot.

Pets alerting:  A dog barking or growling at something that you cannot see, or suddenly running from a room as if it were being chased.  Dogs have been known to refuse to enter a room as if they are frightened of something.  Birds reacting asthough they were startled for no apparent reason.  Cats appearing to watch something or someone move across the room.

The feeling of being touched:  The typical report is the feeling that your hair or an article of clothing has been tugged on, or someone touches you on the hand, arm, or leg.

Now all of that being said, there are usually perfectly reasonable explanations for these occurences, however if these things are happening on a regular basis you might consider keeping a log of times, places, and frequency ofthe experiences.  A log would be extremely helpful if you decide to have a paranormal team come in and conduct and investigation.
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Note:  After a little research, CARBON MONOXIDE has been known to cause some of the above disturbances, and can lead to DEATH.

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