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In the process of pursuing the goal of obtaining data to lead to a better understanding of ghosts and hauntings, our first ambition is to aid any individuals who are having problems dealing with or understanding a paranormal situation.  We hope to do this by educating them as to the true nature of their individual situation and giving them the information and understanding to create a livable resolution for the person and the spirit.  The Paranormals will not take on a case and leave our client's side until the client is satisfied that they currently live in a serene living environment.  If for any reason The Paranormals can not be available for a client in a certain time span due to the locale of the client, a qualified team nearest to the client's location will be assigned to the case.  Only reputable groups with a strong history and background will be designated for this duty, by virtue of our creed that the client is the number one priority concerning paranormal activity.  The Paranormals conduct themselves in a professional manner and ALL cases will be kept confidential unless the client/homeowner wishes to have their experiences disclosed to others who may be in the same position for the purpose of letting others be cognizant that they are not the only persons dealing with situations of the same origin and that they can be remedied.  ALL records, investigative footage, evidence and any other pertinent information to the case will only be viewed and discussed by team members of The Paranormals to keep client confidentiality to a premium.  Through our mission, The Paranormals greatest importance is that of the client's knowledge of the paranormal and the resolution the team can impose to a client to resolve their situation and such procedures will be utilized to preserve these goals.


Section I. Eligibility
Membership in The Paranormals Community shall be open to all those interested in the objectives of the Community and to any one person, organization or entity meeting the criteria established in Section III herein, and willing to abide by the by-laws of the Community.

Section II. Membership Privileges All members/groups are entitled to all rights and privileges offered by The Paranormals Community without limitation to the number of participants engaged in activities of the Community.

Section III. New Membership Application Application for membership shall be made in email form submitted to

1.  All information on any membership email will be kept confidential and not be released outside of The Paranormals.
2.  The membership application must contain:
a.  Group Name
b.  Contact Information
c.  Names of all members in group and their rolls
d.  Banner of your group
e.  Group Photo

Section IV. Application Process Each application for membership in the U.P.C. shall be first reviewed by The Paranormals/The Paranormals Community to ensure that the applicant meets the requirements for membership as defined within these by-laws.

1.  The applicant will be considered for membership by The Paranormals/The Paranormals Community at the time that the member/group sends the proper information needed in email form to
2.  The Paranormals/The Paranormals Community will confirm all new members/groups via the member/groups email address.
3.  No applicant shall be denied access to membership in The Paranormals Community unless it has been determined by The Paranormals/The Paranormals Community, after due process, that the applicant does not meet the standards of conduct referenced below.

Section V. Standards of Conduct - In order to be considered for membership or to retain membership in good standing, no person or organization can be found to have violated any of the provisions listed below:
  Willful violation, resulting in a conviction, of any international, federal, state or local laws, including fraud, larceny, bribery or other egregious felonies, that would have an adverse effect on the parapsychology field and/or paranormal community.  Falsification of any information submitted to The Paranormals Community.
  Willful acts, or otherwise, to discredit The Paranormals, The Paranormals Community, the parapsychology field and/or paranormal community in general.
  Representing The Paranormals/The Paranormals Community or expressing an opinion in the name of The Paranormals/The Paranormals Community without official authority.
  Theft or misappropriation of any property or any act to defraud The Paranormals/The Paranormals Community.

Section VI. Resignation A member or group in good standing may tender their resignation any time while a part of The Paranormals Community.  All the party has to do is submit an email to with the reasons why they are leaving.

Section VII. Rejection, Suspension, Expulsion Any applicant, member, organization or members' representative can be rejected, suspended, or expelled from The Paranormals Community when it has been determined that a violation has occurred specific to Section V of the by-laws and having been voted on by The Paranormals and The Paranormals Community.
We follow all of the above By-Laws set forth by The PARANORMALS, as well as our own Creed.  Click here to read our Mission Statement.

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