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The Four Basic Types of Hauntings

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The four basic types of hauntings are:  residual, intelligent, poltergeist, and demonic.
Residual hauntings occur due to energy being imprinted in an area.  These are events that repeat over and over, like a movie.  They can happen for two main reasons:  the person or people did that same action over and over again in life, or the action had great significance or emotional value.  The spirits are not aware of their surroundings and cannot interact with living people.  In these types of hauntings, the same event happens again and again in the same place and often at the same time each time it happens.  Residual spirits will often walk through walls and furniture or seem to not have feet, because they really are just imprinted energy and don't notice these things. Residual hauntings can often be resolved just by dispersing the energy in the area.

Intelligent hauntings involve spirits that are aware of their surroundings, are capable of interaction, and typically can lift up to about nine or ten pounds.  These ghosts are just like living people, because they once were living people.  They can be mean, kind, prone to play pranks, or serious, just as living people are.  They often hang around for one or several reasons, which may include being wronged in life, wanting to correct a mistake they made in life, dying tragically, or not being able to move on to the next life.  Whatever reason they are here, they usually are not harmful. Intelligent hauntings can be resolved by asking the spirit or spirits to leave or stop, making an agreement to live in peace with the spirit, or by commanding the spirit to leave.

Poltergeist hauntings are rare and characterized by objects moving around without the help of a living being, furniture and objects being oddly stacked, and knocks and bangs (also called rapping).  Poltergeist hauntings usually center around one certain person.  There are two theories about these types of hauntings.  The first theory is that the "haunting" is caused by the person which the activity centers around, due to stress and/or high emotional levels.  The second theory is that several spirits in the area come together and pool their energy to create louder knocking and banging and to be able to move larger and heavier objects.  These types of hauntings can be remedied by the individual getting medical attention or by getting to the root of the spirits' anger and helping them move on.

Demonic hauntings are the rarest of the four types of hauntings.  They are characterized by growling, rotten smells, and drastic temperature changes.  Demons are inhuman and werenever alive.  They often make contact by pushing, shoving, hitting, and scratching.  They have the ability to lift over ten pounds. Their main goal is to break down a person's free will to make room for possession.  Demons can take on any form, but often take the form of half-human, half-animal.  Most people see demons as black masses standing in doorways and near rooms.

In these types of hauntings it is essential to get help right away.
If you believe you or your place of residence or business is being haunted, click here for some basic signs of a haunting.

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